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  • The next phase of my work with team effectiveness

    July 1, 2019 | News
  • As this website attests, I’m on a mission to help technology teams be more effective. For the last couple of years that mission has taken the form of full-time writing and speaking, and working with teams as a consultant. The mission continues–and so does the passion that drives it–but it’s entering a new phase. What I’ve learned as a consultant is that the very best way for me to help companies and teams perform better is to get back to my roots–30 years as a tech team member, with 15 of those years as a Program Manager.

    Working inside an organization as a full-time team member, building relatedness and trust every day, is the right way for me to make the biggest difference. I’m really pleased to be bringing my experience and expertise to work in an organizational setting, and I’m already in conversations with several great companies and exploring other possibilities.

    If you know of a healthy organization doing good tech work that can use the help of a seasoned and talented program manager with a unique point of view on how teams can work better together, I’d love to get connected. Here’s my LinkedIn profile with details on my background, and here’s how to contact me.