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  • About Joseph

  • I'm a consultant and coach helping technology teams deliver faster and better results.

    For 25 years I've been on the front lines of technology delivery leading program, product, and dev teams. Through both painful and delightful experiences I have seen that the single most important factor in effective delivery is human skills - and this is especially true on complex, cross-functional initiatives. When alignment and communication break down, lots of bad things can happen. But when teams have strong human skills, they break through adversity and achieve success.

    That's where I can help you. I teach cross-functional delivery teams to develop their human skills, and then provide coaching and consulting to keep those skills vibrant in the chaos and stress of delivery.

    My confidence that I can help your teams deliver faster and better results by helping them develop their human skills is based on three things:

    1. There is a plethora of solid, evidenced-based practices that can make both the outcomes and the experience of technology delivery so much better. Too many teams suffer too much and still deliver disappointing results. I'm eager to help your teams implement practices that will make things better. 
    2. My years of on-the-ground  experience leading teams on complex cross-functional initiatives mean that I thoroughly understand the cultural and logistical challenges. I know what does work, and what doesn't work, and why
    3. Delivering engaging, effective and compelling learning and coaching experiences is crucial to human skills development, and I've been doing that for a long time. I started my career as a teacher of writing and literature and have continued to teach the public ever since about the ways of being human--especially through story, song, poetry, and creative self-expression. I bring all the skills, experience, and passion of that work to my technology consulting. In June of 2017 I completed professional coaching training with SeattleCoach.

    My coaching, consulting, and training work includes engagements with Alaska Airlines, Getty Images, WholeStory, Northwest Resources, and the University of Washington.