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  • Coaching

  • Support for Developing Your Human Skills

    It's easier than ever to accumulate information - and the resources for developing human skills are richer than ever. It's an exciting time...but it can also feel overwhelming. Individual coaching can help you sort out where you want to go and keep you accountable for getting there.

  • How I Coach

    My coaching work is built on these principles:

    • You set the agenda and the goals. The clearer you can be about what you want to accomplish, the more progress we can make.
    • My role is to listen, ask questions, and hold you accountable for what you intend.
    • My twenty-five years of experience doing technology delivery fuels my passion but also gives me context to help you progress in your career, your delivery challenges, and your ability to make a difference within your organization. However, as your coach my job is to empower you to discover the way, rather than showing you the way. 
    • I also have a rich reservoir of experience as a teacher (first high school, then many years of adult education). As part of our coaching work there may be times when I can provide customized training in the skills you want to develop. In general it's best to keep coaching as coaching and teaching as teaching, though - the focus of the coaching work is to help you identify and implement visions and strategies that will take you where you want to go.

    Contact me to sign up for a free introductory 30-minute session - this will give us a chance to evaluate whether and how we want to work together. I'm happy to do sessions in person or by phone.

    Download a copy of my coaching agreement for more details on how I work.

  • Team Coaching

    I've spent years working in the intensity of cross-functional teams delivering complex technology, I can help your team use human skills to increase your efficiency and reduce day-to-day stress. Team coaching fits into a broader consulting engagement (read more about that here), so we are sure to apply the right support in the right way. I also work individually with team leaders (executives, product/program managers, product owners, scrum masters) to support them in keeping their teams on track when things get tough.

    Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation about your team's needs.

  • My Training

    I completed my professional coaching training at SeattleCoach in June of 2018 and am currently working on completing my ICF certification.