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  • Mindful Habits for 7 Lean Practices

  • Openness and curiosity means that you engage in a Lean activity (maybe one you’ve done dozens of times) as though you’re doing it for the first time–and you learn something new every time. Rather than just “asking why five times (well, maybe four or just three this time)” or “walking the gemba (again...sigh),” you’re approaching the challenges and opportunities in front of you with genuine interest and a sense of adventure. Not only will this yield the best results (reduced waste, increased customer value, and more), you’ll have a lot more fun and be a happier person.

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  • Bring More Awareness to Your Lean Practice

    Present-moment, non-judgmental awareness makes Lean better!

    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Gemba Walk
    • 5S
    • Five Whys
    • PDSA
    • Experimentation
    • Daily Standup
  • “I hadn't thought of it before, but there really is a tremendous connection between Lean and mindfulness. This is great!” - Tona Brewer, Director of Global Talent Management, Blount International

    “Inspiring! I’m excited to apply and retry lean activities with this new lens. A modern and needed representation of ‘Respect for People’ in Lean! This is something special that I will be sharing with others.” - Dan DiCamillo, Technology Manager, Getty Images

    “I love this book!” - Jane Gregg, Leadership Development Consultant in a Lean healthcare organization

    “I really enjoyed this combination of practices...peanut butter and chocolate for sure! This book produces a good hangover. I’ve been trying mindfulness on all sorts of other processes and interactions.” - Michelle Rose, Corporate HR Director, United States Bakery