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  • Training

    I’ve learned more from Joe on the topic of mindfulness (and how to share it with logical people) in one hour then in years of searching on my own. And it’s one of the most important topics of our times.

    - Dan DiCamillo, Lean Agile DevOps Coach and Product Manager

    Coming away from Joe's training, I was better equipped to examine the thoughts and attitudes that were clouding my ability to communicate and collaborate.

    - Joel VanDerAa, Product Manager

  • Consulting

    Joe’s mindfulness workshop had our introverted software development team extremely engaged. Great info, memorable visuals, and Joe’s authenticity and thoughtfulness created just the right context for us to experience mindfulness, explore its commonalities with Agile, and consider how we might combine these powerful concepts to do our best work yet.

    - Anna Marshall, Digital Media Director, Northwest Resource Associates

    Joe brings a wonderful sense of calm to the craziness.

    - Linda Merrick, Product Management consultant and trainer

    A conference room with Joe in it is so much better than a conference room without Joe in it.

    - Janet Williams-Hepler, Executive Coach and Coach Trainer

  • Coaching

    Joe has a powerful blend of pragmatic experience in the modern work world and deep inner insight about creative processes and spiritual awareness.  He brings this unique set of capabilities to his coaching work with both humility and impact.  I have benefited from coaching sessions with Joe and highly recommend him to others!

     - Peter Berry, Program Administrator, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Joe’s coaching style is open and explorative, while also structured enough to give me accountability and a firm grasp of the next steps I wanted to take. He listens carefully and asks insightful questions. Each time Joe reflected back my strengths and evidence of the personal power he saw in me, it gave me a boost of self-confidence and made me feel like I can achieve anything!   

    - Christina Houghton, Entrepreneur

    Joe was the person I really needed to talk to coming from the softer side of business to a more engineering focused company. He helped me tease apart what I needed from my work with an empathic and mindful approach that suited my personality and I felt seen and understood during a career transition - that was priceless."

    - Alexander Jones, Product Manager, iUNU