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  • The Mindful Office

  • The contemporary workplace is full of seemingly uninspiring places and objects that actually have the potential (like anything else) to call us to an awakened and conscious state. Since we encounter them in our daily routine, our sensitivity to them is deadened by their familiarity. And then there is the rush of distracting thoughts that push us in the office door, on to a full calendar and all it represents…and out again to soccer games and house projects and "real life". Every corner of the workplace has clues to help you stay awake. This little booklet points out just a few of them…and of course there are many more.

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    • The Landscaping
    • The Lobby
    • The Elevator
    • The Stairs
    • The Hallway
    • The Kitchen
    • The Bathroom
    • The Cube
    • The Conference Room
    • The Board Room
    • The Corner Office
    • The Janitor's Closet